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Our environmental, social and economic dimensions

Today, the economic dimension goes beyond the social and the environment. How to reverse this? Share on this site solutions and alternatives to achieve this transition through articles, the forum and the social network.

british-columbia reduit

Our needs

Each of our needs is an addiction. The menu structure of this site tries to cover all of our needs. So we have the physiological needs as a living being: to eat, drink, sleep, breathe, etc … Each at our level, become aware of our dependence on the outside for each of these primary needs. It has become obvious to have all this but no one knows what will be done tomorrow. This later applies to goods and services such as energy. Let us be aware that all this is a freedom of the lost. Let’s take the time to share the alternatives and solutions for having this knowledge as well as the wisdom to know how to adapt to a changing world in order to be able to keep these freedoms.

Our responsibility

Have you ever heard or already been surprised to say, “Oh anyway it’s over for this planet, I’m counting on Mars now” rather than acting for the environment or social injustices. Let’s also be aware of our political power during our purchases. Who are we giving our money to? Which production do we encourage? In which conditions? When I buy, I validate and encourage the production of this product as it is.

Share all this knowledge on this site and know in advance that no one is all white or black in order to value every little gesture.


Never stop learning

Knowledge is infinite. Today thanks to the internet we have quick and easy access to an endless collective intelligence so let’s continue and focus on this site the knowledge going in the direction of an eco and socio-responsible transition.

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